Secure storage for health data according to EU privacy laws |

Security & Privacy for Health Data in the EU

It's a secure backend and database for Digital Health Businesses that have to store health data in compliance with EU privacy laws.

2 over 3 mHealth apps fail on securing the transmission of sensitive health data

Why Chino?

Secure & Compliant

Secure & Compliant

Secure transmission, storage and sharing according to the EU laws

Why chino



Ready to use secure backend at a cost-effective pricing including two-month free trial


Plug & Play


Documented REST API including code snippets. SDKs for most common languages.

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What is Chino?

A backend + database as a service to store health data securely and in compliance with the EU privacy laws.

It can be used as:

  • Full Backend as a Service for your mobile or web apps
  • Secure Database as a Service if you already have a server/backend
  • OAuth as a Service to manage users, authentications and access control

Use Chino to reduce your time to market and cut the cost of development.

Made for European Health Businesses

Chino is built to satisfy the EU regulations for data protection and privacy.

Satisfying the regulation is mandatory for all parties that create, store and access health data*.

Failing to fulfill these requirements may results in fines and problems for you and your business.

(*Health data are all data about the health status of a person. This includes heart rate (ECG), weight tracking, blood pressure, healthcare payments etc.)

Check if you are compliant

Our customers say

We integrated the Chino API in our apps in just a few days, solving all compliance and security issues easily.
Giorgio Casoni -
With Chino we have built easily a flexible and lightweight EHR, ensuring high security and reliability.
Timo Kettunen -
Chino increased trust of our customers and public bodies with whom we collaborate and exchange data.